Meet the MLD Life Models
Each MLD model is confirmed as a member of the Life Models Society or is reference checked for suitable modelling experience. Before contacting any model through this site please note the following:
  • Every MLD life model is entitled to fair and safe working conditions
  • Should you contact an MLD model you implicitly agree to comply with the WORKING CONDITIONS set out below.
  • Models look out for each other. Concerns or complaints received from models will be investigated seriously and promptly.
MLD takes its duty of care seriously and is committed to promoting the professionalism and safety of models listed on this site. All models are familiar with the Code of Conduct which covers payment, general conduct, booking arrangements etc.

Life Model Working Conditions
Please do you best to provide all Life Models with the following:
  • Good heating and ventilation
  • A separate change room and toilet
  • Clean, comfortable props eg. rug for standing purposes, and cushions for sitting/reclining poses, clean sheets
  • As a guide offer models a 5 to 10 min break for every 20 mins working
  • Ensure that model is visible to participant artists, students and teachers only
  • Never photograph model without their consent
  • Never touch the model without their permission
  • Do not ask models to wear garments inappropriate for serious artistic pursuit
  • The model reserves the right to refuse to adopt poses s/he considers inappropriate or dangerous
  • Never use spray fixative indoors
  • Please turn off mobile phones (if in a class situation) and check before bringing any digital cameras into the life drawing studio
Life Modelling Rates
  • The standard life modelling (drawing, painting, sculpting), the rate is $32.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours for model call outs - however models reserve the right to renegotiate modelling rates at their discretion.
  • For photographic modelling the standard rate is $75 per hour but this is negotiable. Minimum call out is 2 hours
  • In case of double booking pay both models in full. In case of a cancellation please pay the model if less than a week's notice is given